Deacon Ministry Team

Co-chairmen: Deacon Arnold Allen and Deacon Connie McKinney

Trustee Ministry Team

Co-chairmen: Michael Jones and Albert Shingles

Pastor Support Ministry Team

Meets the needs of our Pastor as the Shepherd of this house by providing moral, spiritual, and financial support to our Pastor and family
Team Leaders: Michelle Jones and Diane Parrish

Usher Ministry Team

Begins at the door - We are doorkeepers for the House of God.
Team Leaders: Wanda Redice and Barbara Allen

Greeter Ministry Team

Welcomes worshipers and ensures they experience and see the unconditional Love of Christ.
Team Leader: Jane Patton

Music Ministry Team

(Praise Team, Choir, Men’s Choir, Youth Choir)

Exhorts, uplifts, and encourages the body of Christ through song and worship while being obedient to God's Word. 

Psalms 111:1  Praise ye the Lord. I will praise the Lord with my whole heart, in the assembly of the upright, and in the congregation.

Team Leaders: Joan Gilmore & Monty Massey (Praise Team & Choir), Pat McAfee (Youth & Men's Choir)


Youth Ministry Team

Encourages our youth to develop and nurture a closer personal relationship with God.
Team Leader: Benita Henson

Media Ministry Team

Manages the website, social media, designs and prints special bulletins, take photos, manages text blasts, and posts radio and TV announcements. "Like Us on Facebook!"
Team Leaders: Trent Gordon and Michelle Jones

Hospitality Ministry Team

Displays the gift of hospitality by providing food and arrangements during any church-sponsored meal. It is the goal to create an atmosphere of love, fellowship, and excitement to all who enter the church.
Team Leaders: Debra Gilliland and Mary Littlejohn

Decorating Ministry Team

Esther's Court Decor' - dedicated to the beautification of the church.
Team Leader: Rosaline Gordon

Christian Education Ministry Team

This ministry trains disciples. Please attend one of our vibrant classes.
Team Leader: Elder Stephen Bolden

Event Planning Ministry Team

Coordinates all church-sponsored Worship Experiences and works closely with all ministries.
Team Leaders: Michelle Jones and Diane Parrish

Evangelism Ministry Team

"Church Without Walls" Matthew 28:19-20
Team Leaders: 

Marriage Ministry Team

Provides encouragement and mentorship to married, engaged, or couples seriously considering marriage. This is a ministry of Bible studies, fellowship, and outreach projects.
Team Leaders: 

Parking Ministry Team

Provides safe parking for our worshipers.
Team Leader: Steve Weathers

God’s Anointed People (GAP) Ministry Team

Senior ministry open to all members ages 60+. It provides opportunities for senior growth, fellowship, and support.
Team Leaders: Min. Helen White and Pat McAfee

Men At Work Ministry Team

"A Call to Manhood." This ministry is open to all men. It gives the men of our church support to "Grow In Christ" and become leaders in their home, jobs, and community.
Team Leaders: 

Leading Ladies Ministry Team

"Every Lady Is A Leading Lady." This ministry encourages women to come together corporately and work in and for Him (God) thorugh ministry.
Team Leader: 

Please check Church Calendar for Ministry Meeting Times.